In the past years I have been working and living in Mexico, looking for new aspects of my interest. This is how I met some of the alternative Mexican religions which exist outside of the catholic church, and how I experienced their practices, rituals and gatherings. With the 'New routes of faith' series my purpose is to bring a far away reality close to the viewers, make them involved in the world of these characters, make the viewer understand what first appears to be as a controversial and condemned movement in fact is an answer to a brutal social and political system. These beliefs, their imagery, their appearance are the reflections of an inhuman and violent society.

These alternative religions are adapted to serve those, who are the outcasts, who need help to face with extreme social exclusion: violence, crime, violated human rights and poverty on a daily basis. For people, who fall outside of the social institutional systems, who can not trust the legal authorities, and does not feel comfortable anymore to pray to established catholic saints, so they have created their own beliefs and laws, mixed with ancient Mexican traditions and folk tales and witchcraft. Religion is a tool for their survival: these beliefs are able to keep them safe from danger, and their gods don't judge them even if they live in sin or pray for economical success and material goods.

The core of the “New Routes of Faith” series captures the followers and rituals of the cults. In addition, I used a wide range of photo-documentation of the locations where these religions appear, I captured the city's conditions, surroundings and its margins to create wider understanding about the life circumstances of the devotees.

The zine was published on the occasion of the first solo exhibition of the series. I intended to create a more complex atmosphere in the book than what have appeared on the walls by using translations of the original prayers and symbols from the local tattoo culture.

14. 5 x 21 cm // 52 pages // Color offset printed // Edition of 500 // Publisher: SM
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